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Licenced Models

We currently have licences to print hundreds of models from a number of brilliantly talented designers and studios.  Please check out our store to see the range we have to offer.

All of our miniatures are printed using mSLA printers and we have spent many hours testing and selecting the best resins to reproduce the artists designs as faithfully as possible.

If we don't currently have a licence for a studio or designer you are interested in, please drop us a message and, if there's enough interest, we will consider adding them to our library.

To minimise stock-keeping, we print the majority of models, especially the larger ones, on-demand.  This does mean that we generally will not be shipping orders same-day, but we aim to have all orders shipped within 7-days of being placed.

Print Your Models

Do you have a design you need a prototype for?  Have your seen a Patreon or Kickstarter for digital models that you love but don't have a printer yourself?  in either of these cases, we may be able to assist you in getting a physical item in your hands.

Whether it's for wargaming, cosplay, or even functional items, we endeavour to be able to print it for you - you supply the files, we supply the parts - just like a traditional printing service, but in 3D!

In-House Designs

We are working on a number of our own gaming products, designed in-house and soon to be available for purchase in our store.  Many of these items will also be available as digital-only purchases for you to print-at-home.

3D Design and Print

We offer a limited design and print service where a bespoke item is needed.  For now, this really only extends to "functional" items according to the experience of our in-house artist, but we hope to add to this and produce miniatures at some point in the not too distant future.

With commissioned items, you will receive the original designs in STL format, as well as STEP format, along with the physical product in the medium of your choosing.

All quotes are made on a case-by-case basis so it's impossible for us to publicise a price-list for this service, but we aim to to be competitive, so please get in touch if you would like more information.